Our Aegis Exteriors team helped build a model home for D.R. Horton in 2.5 days.

D.R. Horton wanted to see how quickly they could build their new Cali model home in Owl’s Head West in Freeport, FL. The goal was to build the entire home in just 4 days. The slab was poured at noon, and by the next morning at 7:30, the whole house was framed, wrapped and almost ready for our team at Aegis to install siding. At 10:30 AM, our team of 3 crews (21 people) came together and quickly finished all the siding only 5 hrs. later! We received many compliments, and everyone was highly impressed with Aegis and how they supported D.R. Horton’s challenge. We are incredibly proud of our Aegis team!

Here’s part of the email the D.R. Horton project superintendent sent to our team afterwards.

TEAM, YOU MADE HISTORY THIS WEEK! I am speechless and in awe of the efforts made by so many of you with multiple crews, working the midnight hours and having all hands on deck when we ran into snags. I don’t know what the record [is], but one day, you can all tell your grandkids, ‘I was once a part of a team that built a house in 2-1/2 days.’ How you started strong is one thing, but how you all finished this race meant everything to me. Impossible, I found out, is only impossible until it isn’t. I wish there were adequate words that I could say, but I don’t have them. Forever grateful to you guys!”