The 68 Ventures Bowl was played on Saturday, December 23 at Hancock Whitney Stadium and pitted the hometown school University of South Alabama Jaguars against the Eastern Michigan Eagles. Both teams came into the game with a record of 6 wins and 6 loses for the season. This is the first year for 68 Ventures to be the title sponsor of the game.

“This bowl game is a dream fulfilled for me and it is humbling beyond words for it to be a reality because things as cool as this only happen because of the incredible people by my side that bring about the magic,” said Nathan Cox, chairman of 68 Ventures. “Everything good in my life is a result of having folks in my corner way better than myself and this is certainly no different. Thank you to the countless number of you that have stood by me and sacrificed in so many ways for my benefit. I owe you debts I can never repay.”

The game kicked off at 6 p.m. and featured Savannah Cox singing the National Anthem, a flyover by the U.S. Coast Guard and the coin being tossed by Cox and his son Luke.

“What a great night of football in our hometown of Mobile, Alabama,” said Cox. “I was so fired up to share our sponsoring our first college football bowl game that was nationally televised on ESPN. We were expecting a heck of a crowd and were not disappointed with the turnout for a gorgeous Gulf Coast night.”

The game ended with the Jaguars beating Eastern Michigan by a score of 59 to 10. Cox and his daughter Scarlett helped present the 68 Ventures Bowl trophy to the Jaguars.

68 Ventures executives want to express their appreciation to the staff of the Mobile, Alabama Bowl team for their hard work in being the backbone behind this game for 25 years. These members include Jerry Silverstein, Sherrie Dyal, John “JT” Clark, Lexie Cantin and Sarah Thornton.

Photos for the evening were taken by Stephen Savage Photography.

During the broadcast, Lensea Film produced commercials for 68 Ventures capturing the company executive’s motivation and culture that goes into moving 68 Ventures forward and into the future. The commercials featured company leaders Nathan Cox, chairman; Adam Campbell, president; and Drew Dolan, CEO.