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Truland Homes Growth Trajectory


Founder, Nathan Cox, began his career in 2007 as a real estate agent prior to starting Bellator Real Estate & Development in 2008. It was the onset of the Great Recession and while to most it wasn’t the ideal time to launch a real estate brokerage, Nathan looked for the opportunity in the situation and pressed forward. He began forming various investment companies to acquire distressed land and lots from banks, and this ultimately led to the birth of Truland Homes.

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State-Of-The-Art Design Center

In 2011, Nathan and good friend Geoff Lane formed Truland Homes when they decided they needed a building company to not only monetize the assets they were acquiring, but to also provide Baldwin County with a builder committed to doing the right things for the right reasons.

Nathan and Geoff quickly reached a ceiling on their growth capacity due to financial constraints. They brought on several partners in 2012, and thanks to the added horsepower, kicked Truland’s growth trajectory into high gear.

Several years later in 2016, the partnership graciously gave Nathan the opportunity to become the sole owner. 68 Ventures was established and Truland began to shift its focus toward a Florida expansion. In 2018, Charles Schetter was appointed President and CEO of Truland Homes and tasked with leading Truland into the future. Charles, a close friend and mentor of Nathan’s for almost a decade, couldn’t have been a better fit to marshal Truland toward its vision of becoming the “enduring, dominant, closely held private builder, at scale in the Gulf Coast by providing a superior home and a distinctive buying experience.”

The Results

Thanks to the efforts of many, in 2020, Truland celebrated its 1,500th home closing, climbed to #124 on the Builder Magazine top 200 list and earned recognition with Inc. 5000 for the third straight year. From humble beginnings and no shortage of challenges along the way, Truland has become one of the largest builders in the country over the last decade.

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Florida Grand Opening