Stapleton, AL

Southeast Plumbing & Leak Detection


Southeast Plumbing & Leak Detection was founded by Jason Barnes to fill a need for professional plumbing services within Baldwin County and the surrounding areas.

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Stapleton, AL

In business since 2007, SP&LD services new construction, plumbing repair, leak detection and light commercial construction projects. Seeing the need for growth in the detection and repair business, SP&LD added a new offering by licensing their franchised ePIPE® technology to restore existing pipes in place. This allows SP&LD to be the only provider of this service in the region, and greatly expands their ability to grow in the leak detection and repair space while offering a cost-saving technology.

SP&LD has been one of Truland Homes’ primary plumbing vendors since 2012 and has helped support its steady growth over the years. While new construction work with Truland Homes is the primary business focus, Jason has built a solid service and repair division with long-term aspirations of growing the business across the Gulf Coast. Because of our long-standing relationship, 68V was excited to come together in partnership in the summer of 2019 to assist Jason in building his company and further supporting Truland’s geographic expansion.

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SP&LD and 68 Ventures Partnership

Like many trade-based organizations along the Gulf Coast, SP&LD was facing operational challenges from an efficiency perspective as many processes were very manual in scheduling and field execution. 68 Ventures collaborated to help implement an industry-best platform in ServiceTitan for the repair and leak detection business, as well as scheduling software tools that were displayed on a large format touch-screen TV panel for new construction.

This allowed Jason and his team to move away from the manual whiteboard scheduling approach and enable their team to get real-time updates while on the move. The labor challenges for this industry persist as with many other trades and SP&LD is currently working through strategies with 68V to expand the team and get more apprentice plumbers into the journeyman programs.

After working together for over a year, SP&LD has been able to take on a greater role in supporting Truland Homes construction and is seeing increasing demand for the service repair and leak detection business. In addition, our extensive network in the production and custom home building industry has led to additional volume for Southeast Plumbing.

Expanding Along the Gulf Coast

Finding ways to expand their organization along the Gulf Coast and grow revenues year over year is a part of our ongoing strategy for the plumbing business. The relationship with 68 Ventures has already proven successful as they have increased revenue 30% and we are both excited to see the growth potential that lies ahead.

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