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Our Warrior Philosophy


Through our Warrior 360 brand, we instill our “Warrior Philosophy” throughout each of our organizations. It all revolves around the active choice of deciding to be a Warrior in life as opposed to allowing one to be cast as the victim. It is rooted in self-awareness, character, empathy, discipline, humility and faith, and focuses on acknowledging how we must suppress the negativity, self-pity, anger, arrogance and greed that can consume our thoughts. Following with our overlying purpose, “to see all we can do with all we have been given,” we believe that it takes a Warrior mentality to inspire change in the world around us.

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The Warrior Philosophy

When we focus on being a Warrior, our minds are conditioned on how we must rise above to see joy, hope, truth, love and excellence. We strongly believe in the power of choices over being a victim of circumstance. The Warrior recognizes how to control their emotions and own their behavior—these will ultimately drive their actions.

Each of us has played the victim role before. It becomes very easy to blame everyone else, to self-justify your excuses, to not take ownership and point fingers. Because of this repeated behavior, one may adopt a belief system that supports self-deception and the lies it feeds the mind. Many will waste their entire lives, wallowing in this state of being, refusing to confront their own realities and truly actualize their potential.

Why is it that when we succeed at things, we refer to our hard work and skills, but when we fail, we blame the environment or others? It is time to change the narrative. The Warrior takes this control.

We know we will get knocked down, but we rally around picking each other up, doing our best and never, never giving up. We continue to show up and we own it.

The way we live, we lead and the choices we make, moment to moment, minute to minute, day to day determine our lives. It is about absolute accountability. It makes us better today than we were yesterday.

A Warrior’s philosophy provides us the foundation to understand the positive growth mindset and how we can accomplish anything if we become focused on improvement and being perpetual learners, focused on growing in who we are.

If we can introduce our teams, our partners, our clients and our community to this belief system, we can inspire change. The globe is on tilt, overflowing with isolation, loneliness, depression and anxiety. This is especially true now with the world stuck in a cycle of uncertainty which makes it easier to lose focus on those things that actually matter. We have a chance to defy these trends if we live out our core values, honor this belief system and ultimately influence all those that we can.

Warrior Community

Recognizing that our days are numbered, may we seek the wisdom to make a difference in all that we do. It is time to ask yourself, will you choose to be a part of the Warrior community?

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