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BCC Waste Solutions and 68 Ventures Join Forces


BCC Waste Solutions was acquired in 2015 by Jason Tunnell as he saw an opportunity to grow a professional waste management company that focused on customer service first and foremost. Having a great network along the Gulf Coast and a strong sales background, Jason and the BCC team were able to scale quickly, landing contracts with school systems and commercial accounts along with expanding the C&D business. While this rapid growth was a big step forward, it soon became apparent that BCC needed help to upgrade its operational infrastructure to support these new business opportunities.

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Roll Off | C&D Division

Since its inception in 2004, BCC primarily performed construction and demolition disposal as its core business, but post-acquisition, it immediately began offering commercial and residential waste services to strategically diversify its offering. Jason reached out to the 68 Ventures team in late 2018 and began discussing these operational challenges—and the substantial opportunity for expansion if they could get help implementing best practices and extending capacity for additional team members and equipment. BCC was already operating across multiple counties providing several service options, which made scheduling and routing of these business lines a challenging undertaking without a proper technology platform in place.

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68 Ventures Partners With BCC

Believing in Jason’s vision for creating a different kind of company in the waste industry, 68 Ventures partnered with BCC in the beginning of 2019. The goal was to leverage our executive teams’ expertise in operations, technology, finance and leadership to provide the necessary tools for BCC to succeed in capturing new business and scaling along the Gulf Coast.

Through a very collaborative effort with the BCC team, 68 Ventures was able to help implement a robust, best-in-class software platform and define best practices to enhance back-office processes. In parallel, 68V leadership worked with BCC team members helping create a company culture not often experienced in this industry. In addition, the improved financial reporting and legal and operational support structure helped provide stability in capitalizing on new growth opportunities across different markets.

The Results

In just 18 months, we have helped BCC grow to one of the largest private waste companies on the Gulf Coast as revenues have doubled during this period. BCC is now servicing large county and city collection contracts, expanding its commercial department daily, and growing with its large C&D customers to keep pace with increasing demand. We could not be more pleased with the outcome of our first partnership under our FiveStone Strategic Alliances umbrella, and have tremendously enjoyed supporting a team that works so hard and is dedicated to such a high level of customer service.

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Front Load: Commercial Division