Summerdale, Alabama

68 Ventures Divests Ownership Stake in BCC Waste Solutions


68 Ventures, a vertically integrated real estate development and services firm committed to transforming the Gulf Coast, has divested its ownership position in BCC Waste Solutions (BCC). BCC Waste Solutions was acquired in 2015 by Jason Tunnell as he saw an opportunity to grow a professional waste management company that focused on customer service. Jason and the BCC team were able to scale quickly. While this rapid growth was a big step forward, it soon became apparent that BCC needed help in order to keep operations running smoothly. 68 Ventures’ investment in the Summerdale, Alabama company permitted BCC to continue its rapid growth throughout the Northern Gulf Coast and marks another successful chapter in 68 Ventures’ investment in Gulf Coast businesses.

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Record Growth

Through the partnership, BCC achieved sustainable growth and record revenues under 68 Ventures' guidance. In just over 30 months, 68 Ventures helped BCC grow to become one of the largest private waste companies on the Gulf Coast. Revenues are healthy, and BCC continues to expand with new clients and contracts across the region.

Still Going Strong

“We are pleased that BCC Waste Solutions chose to partner with us to help them achieve their vision,” said Nathan Cox, founder and CEO of 68 Ventures. “The partnership was beneficial for both organizations, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with BCC as a customer. Our partnership with BCC is another example of a 68 Ventures Story Worth Telling. We look forward to our next partnership with innovators and entrepreneurs across the region to bring much-needed quality services to the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast.”